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We formed Change Logic in 2007 to enable CEOs and senior teams to design and execute strategies to lead disruption in their markets.

Disruption is the new normal across industries and conventional wisdom holds start-ups and attackers must win. Our research and experience told us this wasn’t so, that established firms could renew themselves and become disrupters.

What leaders seek is the spark of ambition and the discipline to convert it into reality. That’s Change Logic’s mission.


Founded by Michael Tushman from Harvard Business School, Professor Charles O'Reilly from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Andrew Binns from McKinsey & Co. and IBM.  We bring methods, tools, and insights underpinned by their research that enable firms to design and execute the business transformation.

Our clients want to make a proactive move. They need to energize and organization to explore into a new future, but do so with discipline. That is where Change Logic excels.

Change Logic co-founder, Andrew Binns, discusses how companies can beat the odds of a disruption using the three disciplines of Ideate, Incubate, and Scale during an executive education session at the Harvard Business School.

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